3 Easy Steps to Selling Your Luxury Villa

August 14, 2018

Choose a local Real Estate Agent. Professionals are independently owned real estate businesses, with Agents who know their local areas and know the people who make up the community. When you choose to work with Professionals, you benefit from all the advantages offered by a fully networked real estate group, and receive the individual attention […]

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10 Factors to Consider when Buying Villa in Dubai

April 14, 2018

Villa community living is a preferred option for many in Dubai and if you are thinking of buying one of your own in the city it’s important that you consider some crucial factors. These attributes can not only make your big investment a profitable one but also make your stay in your abode pleasurable and […]

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How to buy Villa in Bali

January 14, 2018

Bali is different compared to other places in Indonesia, both culturally and demographically. With many foreigners going to Bali for vacation or to reside there, a common question is whether regulations to foreign ownership is different as well. In fact, regulations don’t differ much, except for the limit set to the height of the building […]

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