Make your outside home smart with intelligent garden technologies.

The rapidly booming market of smart home technologies is leaving no stone unturned in providing every possible smart solution to house owners from your garden to even toilets. You think of a house discomfort and there is already a solution to that. It is just a matter of knowing what all options you have. Connected lights, connected security, connected doorbell, connected baby alarm, now how cool is that? Not enough! How about a smart garden? Isn’t that interesting? Well, it is completely possible to make your garden smart with the following fantastic smart garden technologies.

1. Greenbox: Our life is turning out to be simpler with every day. Initially, it started with manual watering and gradually water sprinklers came into being that automated the watering process fully. What more could have been expected after this, that more is Greenbox. This is a very useful and neat device that works with sprinklers installed in garden area. The sprinkler controller is replaced with much smarter option that manages the watering of your garden. You can schedule your watering by using a computer or smartphone, through internet connection. Connecting it to internet will track the weather conditions and inform you exactly when the sprinkler should be activated. This is useful only when you have your sprinklers installed already.

2. Edyn: This is more of an information device used in garden. It tracks and monitors the environmental conditions for the good of plants and giving them best opportunity for thriving and surviving. Just shove it into the soil and connect it to your tablet or system. The device will give you detailed information of the soil condition. It tracks temperature, moisture content of soil, nutritional content of soil, humidity, and many more specifications. The data provided is cross referenced with the adequate conditions containing soil science and weather requirements to study the nature of plants in the current soil and their chances of thriving.


3. Rainmachine: It is more or less similar to greenbox and solves the same purpose. It extracts the weather report from internet to assess the best time for watering. The data is collected from a trusted source with near accuracy and trigger the functioning of sprinkler in the most suitable time. At times when the connectivity is down and accurate data cannot not be retrieved, it takes into account the previous history of weather report for putting the sprinklers into function. So, if you are looking for a smart device for water scheduling, this one is also a good bet.

4. Koubachi: This one is more of an all rounder and does a bit of almost everything. It reads soil conditions and gives appropriate recommendation for managing the greenery of your garden. The device also predicts weather conditions to help you make favorable decisions for your plants. From sunlight data to soil conditions, it makes all the information available. And, we all know how well the power of knowledge can be used for the betterment of anything for that matter. Yes, like other devices it integrates with smart phones and tablets, for you to remain apprised even when you are not at home. Moreover, it is resistant to all weather conditions so you can keep the device outside without any worries of damage that could be caused due to bad weather.  There is also an indoor model of the same device, which is comparatively cheaper than the outdoor one.

There are some other such smart devices that offer these smart garden benefits. So, grow some amazing plants at your garden from the convenience of these smart garden equipments. These innovations have changed the way how we used to manage our plants along with managing our busy hectic lives. Smartness is not assessed just from what you have inside the house but also how smart your home is in outside.

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