The Best Species of Hedging Plants for Your Home Garden

Improving the curb appeal of the house is top on the list of several people’s home improvement plans and hedges are a great way to achieve this in addition to securing your privacy. When it comes to selecting hedges, there are many choices. When choosing the species, take into consideration the maintenance aspect as an important factor. Usually, the best hedging plants require trimming only once in a year. Here’s a listing of some of the best hedging plant species for your home garden.

Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen hedges are the most popular option for hedging plants since their leaves do not drop during the fall, making them perfect for all seasons.

Leylandii is a very popular choice of evergreen hedge that generally grows up to around 12-feet tall. It doesn’t have vogue of leaves, but has branches similar to spruce. These varieties grow very full and thick, being ideal for privacy in the front yard and wind breaks.

Boxwood is another evergreen variety that sets the benchmark for formal clipped hedging plants. It has the ability to bear frequent shaping and shearing into geometric forms, which makes this species a very popular hedge plant.

Some of the other well-liked Evergreen hedging plants are Yew, Japanese Holly, Mountain Laurels, and Photinia.

Decidious Hedges

Deciduous hedging plants appear great when they are in full bloom, usually during the winter. However, they look empty for a part of the year when their leaves fall off. Unlike the evergreen varieties, when deciduous hedges lose their leaves bring in a new structural look to the garden during the winter.

The very obvious options of this kind are Hornbeam and Beech, both of which form beautiful green backdrops. Both these varieties look kind of similar and have stunning autumn colour. To enjoy a touch of berries in your hedges with vibrant color splashes, use varieties like berberis.

Deciduous berberis is another good choice and are filled with lovely bright berries.

Few of the other commonly used deciduous varieties are Lilac, Forsythia, and Rose of Sharon.

While these are some of the really popular hedging plants that give a gorgeous look to your garden, the choices are almost endless. Do your research and opt for your choice of hedges; you can also get a garden expert opinion.

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